Key Design Features


Key Design Features 

The Action Sports Anchor is Australian designed, owned and made.

It is intentionally over engineered for purpose meaning it is much stronger than it needs to be for normal use on phones, cameras, two way radios, beacons, etc.

The main feature of the Action Sports Anchor is its Australian made, marine grade, UV stable, extremely durable 3mm elasticated shock cord that is attached to aluminium mini carabiners (featuring steel springs), secured by aluminium crush fittings.

Designed to fail (really). If your phone, camera, etc gets stuck on something (chairlift, tree branch, helicopter skid, etc), the white PVC part of the Action Sports Anchor Lanyard is designed to fail when more than 5kg (11lbs) of force is applied. 

An average phone weighs approx 225grams (.5lb) - requiring 22 G's of force for the lanyard to fail in normal use meaning it only fails when it really needs to.

Replacement white Action Sports Anchor lanyard parts are available separately.